Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Testimonial By Our Customers

Wednesday, 2 November 2011 9:29 PM
Lee Ee Ling: hi there:), I have received my buttons today.I am very pleased with them :D' Thank you.

Sunday, 30 October 2011 2:55:59pm
Nurhana Yusof: Salam, button tu saya dah received..so cute... n tq 4 the gift jugak ye.....

Sunday, 23 October 2011 11:50:39am
Azlini A Hamid: Salam...barang dah sampai.... comelnyeeerrrrr!

13 March 2010 14:10
nik maulidil huda: parcel da sampai...lawa2..thank ea...nanti saya order lg..

11 March 2010 14:52
Aniza Ali:slm maznah & the gang, akak dah dpt button novelty bright tu ari ni...tq for the free gift... from k.ija..

4 March 2010 14:25
Nurul Ain Mohd Ali: Salam,Dear pn, Received ur package already..thank you....LOVE it so much....

4 March 2010 8:47:54

Ruhaya Bt Othman: salam....saya dah terima barang semalam... dan juga free gift tu... cantik... terima kasih.....

3 Mar 10, 15:16
wani: Salam. button dh sampai..thanks k..next time nk beli novelty pastel lak ;)

3 Mar 10, 14:10
yana: salam... button dh sampai ... love it.. tq =)

3 Mar 10, 12:59
waniesymia: salam akak...button dah sampai pkln kubor...syomel gile rasa nak makan je button tu.

3 Mar 10, 09:52am
Adieda: Dear Maznah, Salam.Just received those buttons this morning. Thanks. They were so lovely...If only I hv girls to put on their gowns...hehehe.. Cheers!

3 Mar 10, 01:00am
Myzatul Hanim: Salam; saya dah dapat button tu. comel sangat sangat. thanks ya. isyaallah next time saya beli lagi. thanks again ya. =)

3 Mar 10, 00:02
nur: salam kak, nur dh dapat dah button tu...semua cute2.. thanks button planet

2 Mar 10, 21:42
Le Jia Wei: Hello :) The stuff arrived. Thanks a lot :)

2 Mar 10, 17:49
cik lala kismis: salam akak...lala da rceive button td...sgt tomey..time kaseh...

26 Feb 10, 10:03
hazwani: thanks! received the cute buttons ady :D

2010-02-05 4.41AM
kak ani
salam maz~akak baru je terima butang giveaway tu,tqvm for the heart buttons...

27 Jan 10, 22:12
Cindy: buttons received, thanks again ^^

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Besides selling buttons, the Button Planet also offers other services, such as button making:
1. making buttons covered with fabric using molds of different sizes

Fabric-Covered Button Maker & Mold

Just send us your fabric and we can make your fabric-covered buttons, with 3 different sizes available at most reasonable prices !!!

BC001 ~ Fabric covered button - 16 mm
RM0.30 per piece

BC002 ~ Fabric covered button - 22 mm
RM0.50 per piece

BC004 ~ Fabric covered button - 28 mm
RM0.70 per piece

2. snaps for jackets from nickel or copper

Moulds and jacket button components (From nickel OR copper)

Other services:

  • button holes

  • over-lock stitching

  • consultation in designing a dress, drawing of the dress pattern and cutting the material.

The Founder

The idea of Button Planet is the shared passion of three friends who love sewing, designing and craftsmanship. It started with friends consulting one another about dressmaking, and selection of buttons for the finishing touch.

The formation of Button Planet itself is like a journey of adventure and discovery into the universe of dressmaking and handicrafts. Starting with a collection of buttons, it is hoped that eventually the Button Planet will have a complete constellation of all sewing accessories.

Truly Yours,

Maznah Ahmad

Nurazzah Abd Rahman
Hafidza Md Amin

The Button Planet

Buttons are accessories that can help create remarkable effects to clothing besides serving its function of latching or fastening together clothing just like hooks and zippers.

To match a good combination of buttons to the clothes can be quite tricky sometimes. The thickness and the texture of the fabric, the colour and the type of dress created have to be taken into consideration before selecting the appropriate buttons. Sometimes buttons too fancy can cause an overkill and spoil the whole look.

At Button Planet, you will see buttons of many different varieties and colours, the unique as well as the common ones. Either to be functional or decorative, each button helps to create the desired look: classic, natural, professional, modern or fun.

Contact Us

For any inquiries about our buttons and services, feel free to contact us at:



you can call /send sms to Button Planet phone number :

(+60) 013-204 8000 (This number is now OK!!)

To Order

After browsing through the selection of buttons:

1) find the buttons you want,

2)email the code reference number and quantity of buttons to the email address stated below:


Fill the ordering form above this post.

3) We will reply your email to inform the total cost + postage.

4) Deposit the total cost + postage into the bank account number given in the email.

5) After you have deposited the money, reply the email to inform us the time and date of transaction.

6) Upon confirmation, we will post the items bought by you using Malaysian PosLaju service. Note: You may request for delivery by Regular Mail but we would like to remind you that we will NOT be held responsible for any loss in delivery since there is no tracking number.
Or you may also request for Registered Mail using which you can have a tracking number.

***Important Note:
We will not be held responsible for any loss or damage during delivery.

7) Happy Shopping and have a nice day .....

*** A surprise gift will be given to those who shopped more than RM50.00 ***

Ordering Form

Email Address:
Contact No(h/p preferred):
Delivery Address:
Product Code & Quantity:

eg: BT104 - 1 dozen, BT550 - 1 pack

Method of Payment: Maybank Bhd
Bank Islam Berhad
Paypal (International Customers)
Others (Leave your inquiries below)
Delivery Method: Pos Laju(default)
Registered Mail (International)
Other (Leave inquiries below, additional charges may apply)
Additional notes/inquiries:

Create a web form here