Sunday, July 31, 2011

New update! Delivery method

Attention to all customers!!

Due to new enforcement by Pos Malaysia, several delivery to customers via Pos Ekspres has been returned to us.

We have been informed that Pos Ekspres cannot be used unless for very minimal order that do not exceed the allowable thickness.

As such, we will have to use Pos Laju for delivery, except for some items such as tiny buttons.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

New and inspiring!! Word Tiles...

WT001 ~ Girls Laugh, Princess Giggles!!
Price: RM5.00

WT002 ~ Winning Team
Price: RM5.00

WT003 ~ Baby Girls
Price: RM5.00

WT004 ~ Cat Lovers' World
Price: RM5.00

WT005 ~ Exploration and Discovery
Price: RM5.00

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New! Number embellishment

EB001 ~ Number Embellishment (Blue)
Price: RM9.00~SOLD OUT

EB002 ~ Number Embellishment (Green)
Price: RM9.00/pack

EB003 ~ Number Embellishment (Red)
Price: RM9.00/pack

Monday, July 25, 2011

New from Turkey...Seasonal Flowers


BT607A ~ Spring Flowers (12 pieces)
Size: 18 mm, RM7.50/pack

BT607B ~ Summer Flowers (12 pieces)
Size:18 mm, Price: RM7.50/pack

BT607C ~ Autumn Flowers (12 pieces)
Size: 18 mm, Price: RM7.50/pack

BT607D ~ Flowers of All Seasons (12 pieces)
Size: 18 mm
 Price: RM7.50/pack

Translucent Swirls

BT600 ~ Translucent Swirl Buttons
A-Blue;B-Green; C-Maroon; D-Scarlet
Size: 12 mm; Price: RM0.20/piece

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Three Scoop Ice Creams

BT605 ~ Three Scoop Ice Creams (7 pieces)
Price: RM10.00/pack

New Large-sized Fun Buttons

BT601 ~ Bright Freedom Buttons (6 pieces)
Size: 27 mm, Price: RM10.00/pack

BT602 ~ Pastel Thread Reels(6 pieces)
Size: 27 mm,Price: RM10.00/pack

BT603 ~ Black and Magenta Butterfly Buttons (6 pieces)
Size: 27 mm, Price: RM10.00/pack

BT614 ~ Retro Flowers (6 pieces)
Size: 27 mm; Price: RM10/pack

BT615 ~ Lavender Hearts (6 pieces) -- NEW STOCK AVAILABLE!!
Size: 27 mm; Price: RM10/pack

BT716 ~ Fun Fishes (6 pieces) -- SOLD OUT!!
Size: 27 mm; Price: RM10/pack

Baby Joy Ride

BT206F ~ Baby Girl Joy Ride
Price: RM13.00/pack
BT206G ~ Baby Boy Joy Ride
Price: RM13.00/pack

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New brads..

New addition to our brads collection!!

 BR18 ~ Pine Trees
Price: RM7.00/pack (30 pcs)
 BR17 ~ Primary Square Brads
Price: RM7.00/pack
 BR16 ~ Pastel Square Brads
Price: RM7.00/pack (40++ pieces)

 BR15 ~ Glitter Heart Brads
Price: RM8.00/pack (15 pieces)

BR10 ~ Classic Brads
Price: RM7.00/pack

BR11 ~ Rustic Brads -- OUT OF STOCK
Price: RM5.00/pack

BR12 ~ Pink Hearts Brads -- OUT OF STOCK
Price: RM7.00/pack

BR13 ~ Butterfly Glittering Brads -- NEW STOCK!!!
Price: RM7.00/pack

BR14 ~ Tiny Primary Star Brads (25 pieces)
Price: RM5.00/pack 

Click here for more designs and colors!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Heart buttons

BT594 ~ Cute Hearts (21 pcs)
Size: 11 mm
Price: RM10.00/pack

BT595 ~ Shankback Glittering Hearts (12 pcs)
Size: 18 mm
Price: RM10.00

Friday, July 8, 2011

Plain buttons.. New colours

Introducing two new colours..
BT017 ~ Large Plain Buttons
(I: Pink, J: Bright Pink)
in addition to our existing range of colours for Large Plain Buttons

BT017 ~ Large Plain Buttons
Size: 22 mm
Price: RM0.40 per piece

A-Black; B-Cocoa; C-Brown; D-Maroon; E-Apple Green
F-Light Pink; G-Dark Brown; H-Dark Green

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