Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

Daisies, daisies, daisies

*** All buttons are imported from USA ***

BT338A ~ White Daisies -- RESTOCKED!!
Size: 26mm, 20mm
Price: RM10.00 per pack(3 big pcs, 5 small pcs)

BT338B ~ Assorted Colors Whimsical Daisies -- SOLD OUT!!
Size: 20mmPrice: RM10.00 per pack(12 pcs)

BT338C ~ Smiling Daisies -- RESTOCKED!!
Size: 21mm
Price: RM10.00 per pack(8 pcs)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Inlaid Ivory on Wood Lookalike Buttons

BT337A and BT337B
Size: 15mm, Price: RM0.50 per piece

Horn Buttons

BT411 ~ Natural Horn Coat ButtonsSize: 21 mm , Price: RM0.50 per piece

BT431 ~ Elegant Horn Buttons -- SOLD OUT!!Size: 15mm , Price: RM0.25 per piece

BT328 ~ Large Dark Brown Horn ButtonsSize: 23mm , Price: RM0.60 per piece

BT330 ~ Creamy Horn ButtonsSize: 13mm , Price: RM0.20 per piece

BT331 ~ Brown Horn ButtonsSize: 15mm , Price: RM0.20 per piece

BT253 ~ Tiny Horn ButtonsSize: 9 mm , Price: RM0.10 per piece

Friday, September 4, 2009

Vintage Buttons

All vintage buttons shown here are imported from USA.
We assure you that they are much much more gorgeous in real life !!

LATEST!  BT647 ~ Golden Wheel Buttons
Size: 25mm; Price: RM1.20/piece

NEW! NEW! BT638 ~ Golden Weave Buttons
Size: 18mm; Price: RM0.50/piece

BT372 - Copper Star Buttons
Size: 21 mm,
Price: RM0.80 per piece

BT333 - Gold Oriental Buttons,
Size: 15 mm,
Price: RM0.40 per piece
BT332 - Large Ornate Buttons,
Silver, Size: 25 mm,
Price: RM1.50 per piece
BT329 - Blouse Buttons,
Black/Silver, Size: 18 mm,
Price: RM0.50 per piece
BT325 - Large Ornate Blouse Buttons,
White/Gold, Size: 31 mm,
Price: RM1.50 per piece

BT321- Anchor Motif Buttons,
Black/Gold, Size: 25 mm,
Price: RM1.50 per piece

BT319 - Copper Buttons,
A: Size: 20 mm,
Price: RM0.70 per piece
B: Size: 15 mm, Price: RM0.40 per piece
BT318- Gold Woven Buttons,
A: Size: 18 mm,
Price: RM0.60 per piece
B: Size: 15 mm, Price: RM0.50 per piece SOLD OUT!!

BT316- Ornate Coat Buttons,
White/Gold, Size: 22 mm,
Price: RM1.20 per piece

BT313- Ornate Blouse Buttons,
Black/Gold, Size: 15 mm,
Price: RM0.50 per piece
BT312- Classic Floral Blouse Buttons,
White/Gold, Size: 21 mm,
Price: RM1.20 per piece

BT307A- White/Silver, Size: 18 mmPrice: RM0.50 per piece
BT307B- White/Silver, Size: 15 mm
Price: RM0.40 per piece

BT311- Ornate Coat Buttons, (White/Gold)
Size: 26 mm,
Price: RM1.20 per piece

BT309- Antique Copper Button, Size: 18 mmPrice: RM0.70 per piece

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