Sunday, November 25, 2012

Very Tiny Buttons

(Distribution of colors may vary from pack to pack)

BT272 - Tiny Bee
Size: 12mm X 10mm, Price: RM0.40  per piece or RM4.00 per dozen(12 pieces)

For packed items below, quantity and colors for each pack varies depending on the supplier, usually the content is more or less 40++ pieces

BT279 - Tiny SeaShell
Size: 6 mm - 10 mm ,Price: RM9.00  per pack

BT546 - Micro-Tiny Pastel
Size: 4 mm (approximately 70 pcs), Price: RM7.00

BT441 - Very Tiny Multi-shapes Teal -- NEW STOCK!!
Size: 4 - 8 mm Price: RM9.00  per pack

BT442 - Very Tiny Multi-shapes Purple  
Size: 4 - 8 mm Price: RM9.00 per pack 
BT443 ~ Very Tiny Multi-shapes - Plum -- NEW STOCK!!
Size: 4 - 8 mm, Price:  RM9.00 per pack 

BT273 ~ Very Tiny Fun
Size: 3mm - 10mm ,Price: RM9.00 per pack

BT347 - Very Tiny Multi-shape Pink
Size: 4 - 8 mm, Price:RM9.00 per pack

BT498 - Very Tiny Multishapes ~ Hot Pink - NEW STOCK!!
Size: 4 mm-8 mm Price: RM9.00  per pack

BT 388 ~ Very Tiny Multishape Berries  -- NEW STOCK!!
Size : 7 mm, Price: RM9.00  per pack

BT523 ~ Very Tiny Pastel Hearts and Stars
Price: RM9.00   per pack
BT 387 ~ Very Tiny Multishape Peach
Size : 7mm, Price: RM9.00  per pack

BT533 ~ Tiny Multi-shape Pastel
Price: RM9.00 per pack

BT371 - Tiny Multi-shape Jambalaya --NEW STOCK!!
Size: 5 - 6 mm Price: RM9.00  per pack
BT370 - Tiny Color Wheel
Size: 5 - 6 mm , Price: RM9.00  per pack

BT275 - Tiny Sorbet
Size: 5 - 6 mm, Price: RM9.00  per pack

BT348 - Tiny Multi Shapes Roses -
Size: 5 - 6 mm, Price: RM9.00  per pack

BT513~ Tiny Black ~ NEW STOCK!!
Size: 6mm, Price: RM7.00  per pack (approx. 50+ pcs)

BT541 - Tiny Primary
Size: 5 - 6 mm, Price: RM9.00  per pack -- NEW STOCK!!

BT349 - Tiny Victorian
Size: 6 mm ,Price: RM9.00  per pack

BT303 - Tiny Patriotic
Size: 6 mm, Price: RM9.00 per pack

BT274 - Tiny Gemstone
Size: 5 - 6 mm Price: RM9.00  per pack

BT276 - Tiny Natural
Price: RM9.00  per pack

BT277 - Tiny Country
Size: 5 - 6 mm Price: RM9.00  per pack

BT278 - Tiny Pastel
Size: 6 mm , Price: RM9.00 per pack

 BT557 ~ Tiny Rustic(6 mm)
Price: RM9.00/pack SOLD OUT!!

BT583 ~ Micro-tiny Blacks (4 mm)
Price: RM7.00 /pack

 BT621 ~ Tiny Multi-shapes Au Naturale (5 - 6 mm)
Price: RM9.00  /pack 

To order: Please fill in the order form below
or please sms the button's code and quantity
to this no: 013-204 8000
or email: buttonplanet09@yahoo.com.my


lemongrass^_^ said...

salam kak...
yg ni jugak..
1 pack ade berapa byk?

Button Planet said...

Salam Lemongrass...

1 pek mengandungi butang2 sebanyak dalam gambar tersebut...approx. 40 - 50 pieces ...

senorita_alynne said...

hi kak

utk BT388, ade stock lg x?
nak beli dlm 3 paket

syazwani ramli said...

masih ada stock lagi ke?semua tu?

~Vee Nur~ said...

HAI akk ade lg x butang ni? dlm 1 pack de brpe eaa?

Button Planet said...

Vee Nur,

ada lagi , dalam satu pack lebih kurang mcm dalam gambar tu ..

Kak Azzah

Button Planet said...

Syazwani, masih ada lagi kecuali yg tulis SOLD OUT tu mmg dah habis ...

Anonymous said...
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birthday party said...

nice post :D salam kenal yaa

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