Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mixed Hearts

Pretty sew-thru heart-shaped buttons combined with dazzling crystal hearts

BT596 ~ Mixed Hearts

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Some blouse buttons

BT609 ~ Translucent buttons
Price: 15 mm
Price: RM0.20/piece

BT608 ~ Simple pink buttons
Size: 15 mm
Price: RM0.20/piece

BT597 ~ Orange Sakura buttons
Size: 14 mm
Price: RM0.40/piece

BT598 ~ Black Pearly Buttons
Size: 13 mm
Price: RM 0.30/piece

Micro-Tiny buttons

New micro-tiny 4 mm buttons!!

BT610A ~ Micro-Tiny Primary
Price: RM6.00/pack

BT610B ~ Micro-Tiny Black and White
Price: RM6.00/pack

BT610C ~ Micro-Tiny Sweetheart
Price: RM6.00/pack

BT610D ~ Micro-Tiny Denim
Price: RM6.00/pack

BT610E ~ Micro-Tiny Earth
Price: RM6.00/pack

BT610F ~ Micro-Tiny Sunshine
Price: RM6.00/pack

BT610G ~ Micro-Tiny Green
Price: RM6.00/pack

BT610H ~ Micro-Tiny Pastel
Price: RM6.00/pack

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