Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Buttons and Buckles For Your Jeans and Overalls..

OB01 ~ Overall buckles

Geometric Shapes

New Geometric Shapes...
BT244A ~ Lavender -- SOLD OUT

BT244B ~ Brown -- SOLD OUT
BT244C ~ Turquoise -- SOLD OUT..

Sizes: Circle (25mm), Star(25mm), Heart(25mm)
Diamond(28mm), Square(18mm), Triangle(25mm)
Price: RM13.00 per pack

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Latest -- Natural Wood buttons

BT393 ~ Wooden Block buttons
Size: 15 mm; Price: 1.20/piece

BT397 ~ Wooden Flower buttons -- SOLD OUT
Size: 15 mm; Price: 1.50/piece

Monday, March 22, 2010

Latest from Button Planet!! BP's Colourful Bows

BT440 - BP Colourful Bows (7 pieces)
(Fluorescent Green, Soft Tangerine, Golden Glow, White,
Purple, Forget-me-not Blue, Soft Neon Pink)
Price: RM3.50 per pack

Colour may slightly vary from the sample shown

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stylish buttons... for your elegant attire

BT394 ~ Oriental Motif buttons (18 mm) -- LIMITED QUANTITIES ONLY
Price: RM2.70/piece

BT389 ~ Vibrant Red Coat buttons (20 mm)
Price: RM0.60/piece

BT399 ~ Gold-rimmed enameled buttons (18 mm)
Price: RM0.80/piece

BT400 ~ Glistening Coat buttons (26 mm)
Price: RM1.20/piece

BT406 ~ Large Black Coat buttons (25 mm)
Price: RM1.20/piece

BT407 ~ Elegant Gold buttons (21 mm)
Price: RM1.00/piece

BT409 ~ Elegant Metal-rimmed buttons (25 mm)
Price: RM1.20/piece

BT412 ~ Elegant Sea-weed Gel buttons (21 mm)
Price: RM0.60/piece
BT423 ~ Fancy Faceted Coat buttons (25 mm)
Price: RM1.20/piece

BT424 ~ Elegant Wood-look buttons (21 mm)
Price: RM1.00/piece

BT425 ~ Burgundy Pearly buttons (15 mm)
Price: RM0.60/piece

BT426 ~ Patinized Copper-look buttons (20 mm)
Price: RM0.90/piece

BT434 ~ Black Gray buttons (20 mm)
Price: RM0.70/piece

BT435 ~ Bright Yellow Coat buttons (18 mm)
Price: RM0.50/piece

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Introducing new series of Exotic Buttons..

BT391 ~ Gray horn buttons (15 mm)
Price: RM0.40/piece

BT395 ~ Crude Stone buttons (20 mm)
Price: RM1.50/piece

BT401 ~ Curved shell buttons (25 mm)
Price: RM1.20/piece

BT402 ~ Natural Horn buttons (21 mm)
Price: RM0.60/piece
BT403 ~ Safari Round buttons (18 mm)
Price: RM0.60/piece

BT408 ~ Medieval motif buttons (20 mm)
Price: RM1.50/piece

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