Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Very Tiny Buttons

(Distribution of colors may vary from pack to pack)

BT272 - Tiny Bee
Size: 12mm X 10mm, Price: RM0.40  per piece or RM4.00 per dozen(12 pieces)

For packed items below, quantity and colors for each pack varies depending on the supplier, usually the content is more or less 40++ pieces

BT279 - Tiny SeaShell
Size: 6 mm - 10 mm ,Price: RM9.00  per pack

BT546 - Micro-Tiny Pastel
Size: 4 mm (approximately 70 pcs), Price: RM7.00

BT441 - Very Tiny Multi-shapes Teal -- NEW STOCK!!
Size: 4 - 8 mm Price: RM9.00  per pack

BT442 - Very Tiny Multi-shapes Purple  
Size: 4 - 8 mm Price: RM9.00 per pack 
BT443 ~ Very Tiny Multi-shapes - Plum -- NEW STOCK!!
Size: 4 - 8 mm, Price:  RM9.00 per pack 

BT273 ~ Very Tiny Fun
Size: 3mm - 10mm ,Price: RM9.00 per pack

BT347 - Very Tiny Multi-shape Pink
Size: 4 - 8 mm, Price:RM9.00 per pack

BT498 - Very Tiny Multishapes ~ Hot Pink - NEW STOCK!!
Size: 4 mm-8 mm Price: RM9.00  per pack

BT 388 ~ Very Tiny Multishape Berries  -- NEW STOCK!!
Size : 7 mm, Price: RM9.00  per pack

BT523 ~ Very Tiny Pastel Hearts and Stars
Price: RM9.00   per pack
BT 387 ~ Very Tiny Multishape Peach
Size : 7mm, Price: RM9.00  per pack

BT533 ~ Tiny Multi-shape Pastel
Price: RM9.00 per pack

BT371 - Tiny Multi-shape Jambalaya --NEW STOCK!!
Size: 5 - 6 mm Price: RM9.00  per pack
BT370 - Tiny Color Wheel
Size: 5 - 6 mm , Price: RM9.00  per pack

BT275 - Tiny Sorbet
Size: 5 - 6 mm, Price: RM9.00  per pack

BT348 - Tiny Multi Shapes Roses -
Size: 5 - 6 mm, Price: RM9.00  per pack

BT513~ Tiny Black ~ NEW STOCK!!
Size: 6mm, Price: RM7.00  per pack (approx. 50+ pcs)

BT541 - Tiny Primary
Size: 5 - 6 mm, Price: RM9.00  per pack -- NEW STOCK!!

BT349 - Tiny Victorian
Size: 6 mm ,Price: RM9.00  per pack

BT303 - Tiny Patriotic
Size: 6 mm, Price: RM9.00 per pack

BT274 - Tiny Gemstone
Size: 5 - 6 mm Price: RM9.00  per pack

BT276 - Tiny Natural
Price: RM9.00  per pack

BT277 - Tiny Country
Size: 5 - 6 mm Price: RM9.00  per pack

BT278 - Tiny Pastel
Size: 6 mm , Price: RM9.00 per pack

 BT557 ~ Tiny Rustic(6 mm)
Price: RM9.00/pack SOLD OUT!!

BT583 ~ Micro-tiny Blacks (4 mm)
Price: RM7.00 /pack

 BT621 ~ Tiny Multi-shapes Au Naturale (5 - 6 mm)
Price: RM9.00  /pack 

To order: Please fill in the order form below
or please sms the button's code and quantity
to this no: 013-204 8000
or email: buttonplanet09@yahoo.com.my

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Classic and Vintage Buttons

 BT669 ~ Gold Enamel Buttons
Size: 18 mm
Price: RM0.60/piece

BT670 ~ Black Coffee Beans Buttons
Size: 15 mm
Price: RM0.50/piece

BT691 ~ Small Gold and White Buttons
Size: 15 mm
Price: RM0.30/piece

Friday, October 12, 2012

New flowers and shapes

BT550 ~ Colourful Multi-shapes (14-18 mm)
Each pack contains approximately 20 pieces

BT551 ~ Colourful Flower Multi-shapes (14-18 mm)
Each pack contains approximately 20 pieces

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bracelet latches

For your handmade bracelets...

CS014 ~ Bracelet latches (3 sets)
RM2.50/ pack

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Autumn Buttons Collection

It is autumn in the northern hemisphere...
 But some people just love autumn colours all year round!!

Limited edition!!
BT701 ~ Autumn Assorted Pack (29 pieces)

Price: RM10.00/pack

BT702 ~ Autumn Sassy Buttons  (8 pieces)
Price: RM5.00/pack
 BT703 ~ Autumn Glossy Buttons (8 pieces)
Price: RM5.00/pack
BT704 ~ Autumn Plaster Buttons (8 pieces)
Price: RM3.50/pack

BT705 ~ Autumn Flat Buttons (8 pieces)
Price: RM3.50/pack

BT706 ~ Autumn Matte Rounded Buttons (9 pieces)
Price: RM3.50/pack

BT707 ~ Autumn Embossed Buttons (8 pieces)
Price: RM5.00/pack

Limited stock!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tiny retro buttons

BT449 ~ Tiny Retro buttons (approximately 20 - 25 pieces)   RESTOCKED!!
Price: RM10.00/pack

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Primary Colours, Secondary Colours

Mixed buttons in basic Primary Colours and Secondary Colours!!


BT696A - Blue
BT696B - Red
BT696C - Yellow
BT696 ~ Primary Colours (minimum 25 pieces)
Price: RM7.00/ pack


 BT697A - Green

BT697B - Orange
BT697C -Purple
BT697 ~ Secondary Colours (minimum 25 pieces)
Price: RM7.00/ pack

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