Sunday, March 20, 2011

New! New! Felt collection!!

Due to many requests from our crafting customers..
...at last!!
Button Planet's Felt Collection
Type: Polyester
Offering FELT PACKS in a variety of COLOURFUL themes with combination of 6 pieces per pack
Get 5% discount if you buy at least 5 packs of same size
FC01 ~ Primary (6 colours)

FC02 ~ Fluorescent (6 colours)
FC03 ~ Pastel (6 colours) FC04 ~ Lavender (6 colours)
FC05 ~ Atlantis (6 colours)

FC06 ~ Savannah (6 colours)

FC07 ~ Natural (6 colours)

FC08 ~ Meadows (6 colours)

FC09 ~ Mystery (6 colours)

Available pack types (6 pieces for each pack):
1/12 meter pack (10 X 12 inch) -- Price: RM8.00 per pack
Quarter (1/4) meter pack
-- Price: RM24.00
per pack
Half (1/2) meter pack -- Price: RM48.00 per pack


FC00 ~ B & W (5 pieces)
White to Black and Grays in between
RM7.00/pack (A4 size)
RM20.00/pack (Quarter (1/4) m pack)
RM40.00/pack (Half (1/2) m pack)


iemaniza said...

Felt ni jenis yg lembut atau kasar ye? tq!

Ms.Rainna said...

ni jenis polyster ke?

BPE said...

oh ya...terlupa nak letak jenis felt ini...ini felt 100% polyester

olden days said...

can i get ur email?

BPE said...

olden days,
our email is


pikajoe said...

Sya nak order felt n some buttons.Camna nak wat pmbyaran? after wat pmbyaran leh tak sya inform mlalui sms jer?

BPE said...


boleh..sila isi borang di blog ini dan submit... nak inform melalui sms 013-204 8000 (Kak Maznah)

sila nyatakan senarai butang dan felt ya

Kak Azzah
Button Planet

ninie comey said...

leh order lg ke ni?stok ada lg x?

BPE said...

Dear Ninie Comey,

boleh lagi....;-) sila isi borang kat blog ya ....

Kak Azzah

zila said...

sye bmnat dgn fc08..tp bpe kos include postage ke sarawak?yg 1/4 mtr..

Button Planet said...

Hai Zila,

FC08 - 1/4 meter harganya RM24 + RM10 postage ke Srwk ...

please sms akak di no 013-2048000 (K Azzah)

Nithya Shamini said...

If i but 10 felt packs of the same type, will i get a 5% discount or 10%?

Nithya Shamini said...

and how much will the postage cost if you send it to penang?

Muhammad Iqbal Khairul Anuar said...

Do you sell one poly felt instead of a pack of them?
Which one of them has skin color?

ButtonPlanet said...

Yes, you can order single colour, RM16.00/meter or RM8/half meter or RM4.00/quarter meter.

If you want skin colour, the 2nd and 3rd shade in the Natural pack is close enough.

Muhammad Iqbal Khairul Anuar said...

Do you sell A4 sized poly felt there?

ButtonPlanet said...

Yes available in A4 size, 10 inch X 12 inch, if in single colour RM4.00 for 3 pieces and RM8.00 for 6 pieces.

You can sms to 013-20480000 to place order or make further inquiry

Button Planet said...

OOps too many zeros

013-2048000 (Button Planet Enterprise)

Muhammad Iqbal Khairul Anuar said...

Where I can find your shop? I'm living in Shah Alam,Selangor.

Muhammad Iqbal Khairul Anuar said...

Can you give the color code of each coloured poly felt so I can choose and buy some of them?TQ

buttonplanet said...

Oh you are staying in Shah Alam?? Since Button Planet is in Shah Alam too!!

So easier if you come see our felt yourselves.

We don't have a shop yet, and operating home-based.

But we do welcome customers to our place. Do contact 013-2048000 for an appointment, and can sms the address.

Anonymous said...

ARe these felts washable?

Muhammad Iqbal Khairul Anuar said...

Can I go to your shop today? Where?

Muhammad Iqbal Khairul Anuar said...

Do you sell wool felt imported from Japan?

Button Planet said...

Yes you can come for Button Planet home shopping at Seksyen 7, Shah Alam,

I am outside, will be home by 5:00 pm,

Pls sms to 013-2048000, and we will sms address to your phome

Button Planet said...

... but sorry we don't have the soft wool felt from Japan, only polyester felt.. but many variety of colours!!

Muhammad Iqbal Khairul Anuar said...

Do you run your shop from Monday to Friday?

Muhammad Iqbal Khairul Anuar said...

Do those poly felts become berbulu easily after long time? Are they heat and pull resistant?

Muhammad Iqbal Khairul Anuar said...

Can you show the list of colours available for the poly felts? Inclusion of their codes and pictures is greatly appreciated. TQ

Button Planet said...

Dear Muhammad Iqbal,

appreciate if you could pose these questions to our mobile number 013-2048000, easier for me to answer your queries..

Button Planet said...

Dear Muhammad Iqbal,

we recommend that you see the felt for yourself since you are staying nearby.

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