Monday, June 27, 2011

Little buttons from Beutron

New arrival.. Beutron's little button collection from Australia in three shapes and variety of colours

In little cloud shapes...

BT591 ~ Little Clouds
Price: RM5.00/pack(40 pcs)

Available in 6 colours:

A-Blue, B-Magenta, C-Red

D-Pink E-Green, F-Brown

...in star shapes,

BT592 ~ Little Stars
Price: RM5.00/pack(40 pcs)

Available in 3 colours:

A-Blue, B-Magenta, C-Green

... and little hearts, too!!

BT593 ~ Little Hearts
Price: RM5.00/pack (30+ pcs)

Available in 3 colours:

A-Pink, B-Magenta, C-Red


Nur Mohamed said...

sy nk order button BT591 ~ Little Clouds- A ,BT592 ~ Little Stars-C

Button Planet said...

Nur Mohamed,
boleh bagi details? emel dan ctc no?

total RM10 + RM3 postage = RM13.00

agi ctc no akak boleh bagi akaun no. utk bank in duit..

shazila said...

salam..sy nak order yg little star bt591 warna red dan bt606 colourful..saya tinggal kan no hp 0193319912..klu ada sy nak g amik sendiri coz dekat jer
email saya shazila_naufal@yahoo.com

Nurgreen said...

Pack B: BT266 - 1pack
Pack C: BT267 - 1pack
BT603 - 2pack
BT206F - 2pack
BT206G - 2pack
BT594 - 2pack
BT591 A-Blue(2pack), B-Magenta(2pack), C-Red(2pack), D-Pink (2pack),E-Green(2pack), F-Brown(2pack)
BT592 A-Blue(2pack), B-Magenta(2pack), C-Green(2pack)
BT593 A-Pink(2pack), B-Magenta(2pack), C-Red(2pack)
give me total include postage...no disc ke ambik lebih....tq...nurulhuda, jitra

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